Creative resources for kids stuck at home

Quarantine got you down? With the current situation, it becomes rather easy for us to become sucked into a monotonous routine. While ‘social isolation’ has us stuck indoors, there is no reason to lose our creativity! There are many ways to stay engaged and active from the comfort of your own home. So let’s take a moment to explore fun ways to keep your mind and body moving! While things might seem a little glum, we can always turn to the arts to help us through!

By PYT Intern Jazmin Cepeda

  • Start the day with fun exercise:

pe with joe

As a daily warm up, P.E. with Joe is encouraging everyone to get up and move for at least 30 minutes a day! It has been shown that a little physical activity does wonders for the mind and spirit. Tune into the live streaming every day with Joe Wicks also known as The Body Coach. He will show and explain exercises that are suitable for all ages. So have a little fun and put down that Netflix for at least 30 minutes a day!

Watch and subscribe to Joe’s playlist of videos here.


It seems really hard to make art when you are on your own sometimes. But, if you use some creativity, any household object can become your dance partner! This is a fun way to stay active indoors while creating your own dance. With enough practice, who knows what fancy new moves you will make!

Check out the short video tutorial by PUSH Physical theatre here


  • Fun active games for the kids on GoNoodle:

go noodle

Looking for something the small ones will love? GoNoodle provides kids and families with a fun and free online resource to encourage the small ones to participate. Enjoy dancing and entertainment with the kids. Take advantage of this time to practice some yoga and enjoy the mindfulness videos as well. GoNoodle also has many off-screen ideas to help you and the kids ‘log off’ for a bit.

Visit the GoNoodle website here.


  • Some good ol’ story time:

Screenshot 2020-03-31 16.55.00

While it is important to get up and move, there is nothing more relaxing than a good fun story! Author David Walliams will now be streaming audio stories from his best-selling World’s Worst Children short story collection. If you are looking for a morning filled with laughs, make sure to tune in at 11h00!

Listen to the latest audio release on the David Walliams website here.


  • Time to enjoy the West End!

one man two guvnors
Photo courtesy of National Theatre (

Now is the best time to enjoy some of the best iconic plays performed on London’s West End from the comfort of your home, for free! Under the new National Theatre at Home scheme, you can stream a new play from their NTLive archive every Thursday evening from 7pm (CET). Each play is available for 7 days. The first performance is the bawdy comedy ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ starring James Cordon which will be available from Thursday 2nd April . Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

See more on their Youtube channel here.


  • Lose yourself in the magical world of Cirque du Soleil


The infamous circus company Cirque du Soleil have compiled a series of videos including show footage, fan favourites, make up techniques, and even exercise ideas.

Browse the videos in the ‘cirqueconnect’ programme here


  • Explore ‘behind the scenes’ at some of your favourite classics!

Screenshot 2020-03-31 17.07.47

Have you ever felt curious about how some of your favourite films and musicals were made? On the Movie Musical Podcast you can now listen to podcasts revealing more about the process, the music, and the voice talents involved!

Listen to the podcast here. 


  • Get back to school!


As many parents have experienced the past few weeks, going through the children’s school work may not be as easy as it seems. Especially if you are busy with work, it can be rather difficult to keep kids engaged and learning. But never fear, there are several education companies that are offering temporary free subscriptions to their usually paid services to help with the task of teaching kids from home.

Read the full list of companies offering free subscriptions here.


  • Make the most of online education in English:

Screenshot 2020-03-31 17.14.42

For many, staying locked up at home does not exactly encourage creative freedom. But the BBC is offering free lessons to help with the struggles! You can stream lessons online via the BBC Teach pages to help the kids be creative. Theatre online? Yes! There are classes that can help your children with writing, acting, and more!
Top tip: A UK VPN or proxy may be required to access the site. 

Browse the range of programmes on offer here. 


  • Explore online after-school activities:


As well as Prague Youth Theatre, other Prague-based after-school clubs and organisations have adapted their programmes into online courses and are offering a range of extra-curricular activities to keep kids active and creatively entertained from home. From music to sports, to art and even Taiwanese, there are options for everyone.

See the full list in the article here


  • And finally, enjoy the outside world:


unnamed (1)

Remember everyone! If done safely, we can still go outside. Take some time out of your day and enjoy the spring. Spending some time in nature is great for the spirit as well as for building your immune system. Continue social isolation while visiting parks and nature or while taking out your pets into the garden. If you are at elevated risk, enjoy a sunny spot by an open window! Nothing quite lifts the spirit as a little dose of vitamin D!

Read the official Coronavirus updates on the Ministry of Health website here

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