Learning about LAMDA


What is LAMDA?

LAMDA is The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and is one of the oldest drama schools in London. LAMDA examinations are internationally recognised due to their prestige and allow students to fine-tune their drama skills and provide benchmarks to reach the next level.  You can find more information on the LAMDA website here.

What courses can be studied?
Here at PYT we offer exam courses in Acting, Shakespeare, Devising Drama, Musical Theatre and Public Speaking.
Acting exams develop a strong speaking voice and good memory skills by learning and performing monologues.
Shakespeare exams provide the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of characterisation and use of language by exploring Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.
Devising Drama exams develop creativity by exploring ideas and themes and realising them through devised dramatic performances.
Public speaking exams develop skills for constructing and delivering talks, presentations and speeches.
Musical Theatre exams help students to develop their acting and singing skills. Exams encourage empathy and self-awareness, as learners are required to present believable characters through acting and song.

Watch videos about our courses here

How Does It Work?

During the term, the students come to our studio once a week for a one-on-one lesson with a PYT acting teacher and work towards their exams.  Most of the learning and memorisation takes place outside of these meetings to insure that the time with the teacher can be maximised and spent on technique.  At the end of the term, students are scheduled for an examination where they will present their works along with a knowledge discussion with the LAMDA examiner.

LAMDA Levels and Accreditation 

Entry Level Entry Level
Level 1 Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
Level 2 Grade 4, Grade 5
Level 3 Grade 6 (Bronze) , Grade 7 (Silver), Grade 8 (Gold)

The students perform in front of an examiner at the end of the course with work depending on their level.

As well as receiving a medal, the Bronze, Gold and Silver medals get UCAS (The University and Colleges Admission Services), tariff points which help getting into UK universities.

How is an Exam Graded?

LAMDA exams are scored out of 100 points and focus in three sections: Interpretation, Technique and Knowledge.

The scores can be broken down into the following categories:

80+ Distinction

65-79 Merit

50-64 Pass

Why Take LAMDA Examinations?

LAMDA Examinations not only provide kids with internationally recognised benchmarks, but also help students get used to the audition process and develop interview and public speaking skills.  Nothing can prepare you more for talking in front of strangers than practice and starting when you’re younger will get you ahead of the game.  LAMDA also build vocabulary and confidence within the English language, memorisation skills, self confidence, and public speaking to name a few.

Parents have reported that their kids have made major improvements in reading aloud and reading comprehension.  The examination also allows students to track progress and build upon feedback given by the examiner to improve their craft. If you aren’t looking to go in to acting but want to build some soft skills, these exams are still good to get more comfortable talking in front of people.

Read more about LAMDA courses with Prague Youth Theatre at: https://pyt.cz/what-we-offer/exam-courses

Prague Youth Theatre

Prague’s only English speaking youth theatre. Empowering students aged 3-17 to connect with one another, develop confidence, and create impactful stories. www.pyt.cz

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