My First Day at PYT: A Baptism of Fire!

Our intern Caroline Laisney opens up about how she felt on her first busy Saturday in the theatre. 

“My first day at Prague Youth Theatre was, as some would call it, a true baptism of fire. Artistic director Adam Stewart had warned me that Saturdays were the busiest days, and that was not proved wrong !”

IMG_3773“After meeting with the other teachers, my first task was to check the attendance. Lots and lots of unknown and rosy faces passed by, and I tried my best to match their names to their faces… With little to no good results, but hopefully that will change soon. After that, I walked on the Junior group practising warm-up games, like a very funny eye-contact exercise in the form of a murderer and victims dynamic. Then came the big moment, the first read-through of the new play (which is not to be revealed yet!). The young actors were excited to play a diverse cast of ludicrous characters, and myself had a fun time discovering the play along with them.”

PHOTO-2019-02-03-12-27-58 2


“Later at noon, I assisted Acting Teacher Rebecca and her group of young actors. Excitement was at its peak, and despite the noise and agitation, it all fell quiet when some of the actors took turn in singing alone on stage. At this point I realised how promising every single one of them was, and how it was obvious they were all driven by passion. Then for a short time, I was in charge of supervising a small group of actors with their re-enacting of a tableau, which I must say went very well as the children had precise ideas of what they would do and how they would carry it out. So talented!”

I felt so moved by all the emotions that had gone through the day, and that is just the beginning !

“My day ended with the PYT Advanced class, who also had their first read-through of their new play (again, no spoilers !) and that was a big one ! Actually, two hours and a half were not enough to read the entire script. PYT Advanced then had a discussion about the play itself, since it is not something the students had dealt with before. A very interesting talk, a first approach to this new adventure I am excited to take part in.”


“At the end of the day, my head was buzzing with all those lines, laughs, and songs, and I was doing my best to remember all those still unfamiliar faces I had met. However it became clear to me that all the actors at PYT, not matter their age, were at ease within their group, like a big family ! When I left the theatre (Divadlo Na Pradle), I felt so moved by all the emotions that had gone through the day, and that is just the beginning!”

  So yes, baptism of fire it was indeed, but it should not come as a surprise to anyone once you know PYT is a warm and blazing flame.

Prague Youth Theatre

Prague’s only English speaking youth theatre. Empowering students aged 3-17 to connect with one another, develop confidence, and create impactful stories.


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