Drama Game #3 Space Substance

Hey! Liam again. Here’s one of my favourite improvisation exercises, called Space Substance! This is a good game for opening up your imagination, particularly if you’re working with mimed, imaginary props in a theatre piece!

The basic principle is this: imagine that, between your hands, you have this material. It’s malleable, pliable, but can become hard, or soft, or gooey in an instant. You play with this magic substance between your hands until you discover it transforming into an object. Mundane, fantastical, it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve discovered that object, you play with it for a while! Then it turns back into that space substance, and you discover something new.

You can play this a bit like Death Tag as well; have one piece of space substance that gets passed around, that keeps transforming when it comes to a new person. Encourage them to play. Don’t rush into giving it away to the next person, take your time. Have your moment with this strange, wonderful material.

You can also bring this into creating characters. When you find an object in the Space Substance, just keep playing. Start to ask yourself questions about who the owner of this object might be. Where do they live? How old are they? What gender are they? How do they perceive the world? It’s using the object to inform who the character is, working from the outside in. It’s how I prefer to work for character creation, and informed me while I was creating the various characters I play in a one-man show I wrote, REDPILL! (sneaky plug!)

If you’d like to see it in practice, we’ve got a one-off performance of the play in the Prague Visitor Centre on Nerudova, at 8pm on Monday the 25th! You can rock up on the door. Tickets are 150 crowns (100 if you’re a student). It’s suitable for ages 15+. Not one for the kids! More info here.

Hope to see you there; you’ll be hearing from me one last time before I leave to head back to Ireland!



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