A week in the life of a drama school student

PYT Alumna Malaika Wilson tells us all about her first week at The New School in New York. 

Who would’ve thought. Not me. But here I am, living all by myself in the East Village right in the middle of Manhattan, New York. The most impressive, inspiring and hectic city I have ever been in, and now I am lucky enough to call this massive city my home.


I suppose I should introduce myself as I continue with this blogpost. Hi! My name is Malaika Wilson, I am from Brussels Belgium and just started University in New York City. I will be attending The New School for the upcoming 4 years. Last week, August 28th is when I officially started classes at my new school. For this Fall semester, my lessons will consist of, Acting, Global Theatre History, some more acting and Writing & Critique. I have a few more subjects but let’s not delve too deep into the technical world of achieving a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts).

new school

Last week wasn’t actually my first time walking around campus and meeting fresh faces. The school organized an orientation week packed with social gatherings, information sessions and LOTS of free food. I attended some orientation events specifically aimed at International students, as we have to remember that we live on the other side of the world now, so the school kindly prepared us for survival in New York’s unique culture.

The first week of classes flew by, before I could realize it the week was almost over and I was enjoying free gadgets at the schools “Block Party”, an annual event for which the school closes off a whole street for students to enjoy a little exclusive part of the city, filled with New School activities. There was rock climbing, free t-shirt and restaurants giving away free food. Yes, the word “free” is repeated quite a lot, that is just how it was!

Apart, from all the fun things happening during the first week, I also spent some time in my actual classes listening to new professors and worrying if I am going to be able to keep up during the year. All the professors decided to start the year off right by giving homework after the first lesson. So between visiting Central Park and Grands central station I got to write essays about Greek Theatre and racism, which to be honest are very interesting subjects to read and write about.

So, that pretty much sums up my first official week as a student here in New York City. If you’re ever visiting New York and walk along 5th Avenue, beware of funny looking artsy kids because they are your next generation of fashion designers, photographers and who knows… award winning actors?

Prague Youth Theatre

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