Prague Fringe: Zach & Viggo: Dream Team

This week we’ve given PYT Advanced students the opportunity to develop their critical writing skills and share their personal opinions on our blog by reviewing Prague Fringe events. The festival runs from 26th May-3rd June.

PYT Advanced student Michelle Zabinski reviews Zach & Viggo: Dream Team…

Zach_and_Viggo_Dream_Team copy
Zach & Viggo: Dream Team

Zach & Viggo: Dream Team was an unapologetic attack of humor. Filled with a circumcised penis, Norway jokes and an ode to theatre kids. I love going to see comedy shows whether that be stand up, improv groups or just plain silliness. What I have noticed is that there is a delicate balance for comedians in between humor and offence. Not that the Zach and Viggo show was offensive but there was definitely a “Good Cop” and “Bad Cop” situation going on.

There were points during the show when I couldn’t stop laughing. The two clowns and comedy creators kept their energy up the entire way through the show. They did say at the beginning of the show that this was a work in progress and we should not expect a polished piece of comedy. Which it in no way was, not once did I praise them for their organisation or timeliness. If you are a comedy prude, don’t even bother going to this Fringe show. Overall the show was energetic, rude and playful and I would really recommend it. I have spent a lot of time laughing at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, which if you are ever in NYC or LA you should definitely check out. This show reminded me of that kind of raucous energy that the two crazy clowns had.

The last thing I would like to say is mostly directed at those two crazy clowns. Be aware that is your wonderful world of comedy there is a disparity between what female comedians can do and what male comedians do. Both Zach and Viggo are white men that come from developed countries. Well I know nothing about the situation they grew up in, they get to travel the world doing comedy. That in a way is an extreme amount of privilege. They ran on stage to a hip hop track about the struggle black Americans face. Zach jumping and mouthing the words with enthusiasm. Later on in the performance there was what looked like to be an improvised bit on Jews. A couple audience members booed to which Zach screamed, “Hey, I’m Jewish okay I can say that after my people went through a genocide. Don’t believe me? I had a bat mitzvah and my penis is circumcised.” A second later I was looking at a penis that was indeed circumcised. Everyone was laughing at his provocative comedy and I was jealous of his freedom. My nipples are immoral.

You can check out Prague Fringe’s full programme, here.


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