Prague Fringe: Day 5

This week we’ve given PYT Advanced students the opportunity to develop their critical writing skills and share their personal opinions on our blog by reviewing Prague Fringe events. The festival runs from 26th May-3rd June.

Megan Meunier continues to cover the festival..

Day 5- Tuesday 30th May

Due to an earlier commitment, my fringe started late at quarter to nine on Tuesday. I went to Golden Key to see Odette! and Kith.

There are a lot of female solo-shows at this Fringe that centre around relationships. Off the top of my head I can name Kontra Alt, Be More, Do Better but Don’t Change and Nothing Like Your Profile Picture. I think what sets Odette! apart is how interesting it is to see a show centring on a pregnant woman. Modern culture avoids representation of pregnant women in paintings and films and when they are depicted they’re usually hysterical and hormonal. Odette! is far from hormonally stable but underneath her erratic mannerisms she is a human being that just wants to be appreciated. The show uses a lot of audience interaction and there are always two people selected to play Shauna and Brian. In the performance I saw, I played Shauna and I can’t speak for the audience but I had tremendous fun slipping into the role of arch nemesis.

As well as being a great actress, Marina sings beautifully and one moment that touched me a lot was her final song where we see her love and devotion for the child she carries. She was thoroughly entertaining, human and relatable – not to mention bold and beautiful. Her character was wonderfully well-defined and I could picture her in pretty much any situation knowing exactly how she’d react and just hear her voice in my head. There is a hilarious evening to be had at Golden Key.

ODETTE copy.jpg

After Odette!, I waited in the Golden Key bar for half an hour to see Kith. Kith was incredible, especially considering that it is Adam Gordon’s first solo show and that that was his first night. It was late and I was tired but I was awake in that room. It reminded me of last year’s Scale with Colin Bramwell with a story that crossed a boundary into poetry. Sitting in the dramatically lit cellar beneath the Golden Key hotel, my mind was transported to thick forests and white snow where wolves roam. Everything Adam described I saw in vivid images. His voice was soft and when I lost track of where the story was going, I stayed lulled in the beat of the consonants and the melody of his voice. When Adam played mother, his voice did not become comically higher but acquired a softer tone that just felt right. The acting melded wonderfully with the poetry, only complimenting it but never distracting from the beauty of the words themselves.

My only complaint is that there weren’t more singing intervals because when they came they were beautiful. At the end of the hour he told us that this was his first time performing the solo show and that it was his first solo show. If that is true, which I cannot bring myself to believe, then I cannot see how this show could become better or more magical than it already is. Please come and hear this beautiful story and transport yourself to another world.

KITH copy.jpg

You can check out Prague Fringe’s full programme, here.


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