Prague Fringe: Day 2

This week we’ve given PYT Advanced students the opportunity to develop their critical writing skills and share their personal opinions on our blog by reviewing Prague Fringe events. The festival runs from 26th May-3rd June.

PYT Advanced student Megan Meunier shares her views of the second day of the fringe…

Day 2 – Saturday 27th May

Feeling inspired by the opening night gala, though a little the worse for wear, I headed off to my first show. A lighthearted relief from some of the intense performances I saw on Friday.

I began my day at the Kampa theatre. I watched Bubble Show With Milkshake, which was an entertaining experiment in visual art using bubbles with a cute narrative about a doll coming to life. A slight disappointment was that the bubbles did not go past the second row. This could perhaps have been remedied with a fan or encouraging the parents to seat the children in the first rows. In the finale, as the bubbles went across the theatre, there were some unaffected top rows with disappointed looking children. There were some sweet emotional beats, but I would not recommend this to adults going alone, as this show is probably best for young children. A surprise at the end was that the venue was small enough for all of the children in the audience to be put inside a bubble at the end of the show. This is something to look forward to for very young children.

Bubble Show with Milkshake copy.jpg
Bubble Show With Milkshake

After Bubble Show With Milkshake, I travelled to Golden Key to see the performance of Redpill: A Nice Guy’s Lament. This is the story of a man who is driven to misogyny, fedoras, and Pepe the frog. There were moments of intense misogynistic abuse where I felt uncomfortable listening to the barrage of swear words from the stage, which was very impactful. The character of Ben is brilliantly written and acted with every facet of his personality. His meek outward nature, his growing anger fed by loneliness and rejection are all explored within an hour. The Golden Key, I felt, was the perfect venue for this performance. Its claustrophobic nature fit perfectly with the growing loneliness of Ben. The golden key is one of my favourite venues because it’s usually pleasantly cool. There is something about those stone bricks in the dark that makes you feel like you’re miles away from the rest of the world. I was sad to see the show end and almost felt it was a little bit too short. I definitely recommend this intense performance to anyone with any understanding or opinion of Reddit.

REDPILL copy.jpg
Redpill: A Nice Guy’s Lament

Then I went to cafe 3+1 to see the show Nothing Like Your Profile Picture. Arrived early and since it was very hot and I saw one of the assistants drinking one, I had a ginger lemonade. I highly recommend the ginger lemonade at the cafe bar 3+1. The performance space is one of the smallest venues at the Fringe with seating for just 20 people. The story of a tinder relationship and all of the other relationship snags on the way is beautiful in its honesty and funny in that regard as well. I think that if the audience were more interested in participating the act would have been slightly smoother. The audience’s lack of energy led to some awkward moments, and a little energy from the audience would’ve put the performer at ease. On the other hand, the audience is not to be blamed, and it was delightfully funny and wonderfully smooth when cooperation was achieved. Definitely worth watching.

Nothing Like Your Profile Picture copy 2.jpg
Nothing Like Your Profile Picture

The last show of the evening was in Beseda. Sajeela Kershi – Paradise Beneath Her Feet! is a stand-up routine in progress. It’s difficult to review a work in progress because it isn’t polished and isn’t intended to be such. It was rather rough around the edges which was to be expected but her charm and wit was insanely magnetic and she was a joy to watch on stage. When something went wrong or a line was flubbed, she laughed her way through unflustered and encouraged us to laugh with her. The show is a stand-up routine about feminism and religion and cultural differences is wonderful in its levity on subjects that usually seem serious. The warmth and originality in her act makes it worth a watch.

Sajeela Kershi- Paradise Beneath Her Feet!

You can check out Prague Fringe’s full programme, here.


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