Thoughts on Theatre: Space to Explore

Text by Raquel Goldstein, PYT Student 2012 – 2016

Ever since I was very young I would perform scenes from my favourite movies to my parents. I loved being the centre of attention and forcing my parents to endure hour after hour of either improvised or scripted scenes seemed like the best way to achieve it.

raquel2As I got older the need to perform was still there but over time got pushed down by shyness and insecurity. When I was about eleven years old my friend dragged me to a drama class with her because she didn’t want to go alone. I ended up really enjoying the class but there was a slight problem –  I live in Prague and Czech isn’t my first language so I didn’t feel as comfortable performing in it.  Fortunately Prague is a big city with plenty of alternatives. It didn’t take me long to find a programme fit for my needs.


Prague Youth Theatre is an english speaking theatre for young people which was perfect for me. I attended the classes for four years and in that time I learned a lot about myself.

Because I attended acting classes in my teen years, theatre really shaped me to become the person I am today.  I gained a lot from being on stage during puberty, confidence being the most prominent.  

“Once I started regularly performing in front of people all other social interactions seemed much less intimidating.  I suddenly had the confidence to speak up in class debates and express my opinions without any fear.  I could memorise things quicker and it never took me very long to learn my lines.”

But it wasn’t just  experience that I gained in theatre. I made many friends that I know will be there for me for a very long time. Theatre gave me a second family and an incredibly strong support system. I was given the space to explore who I am as a person without anyone judging me.        

Even if you aren’t an extremely talented actor or you don’t see yourself doing it as a career, theatre can bring so much into your life.  


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