Prague Fringe Festival Review: Richard Burns

PYT Advanced Student Reviewer, Cady was impressed by Richard Burns at Prague Fringe Festival.

Originally posted on our Tumblr on 3rd June 2016 as part of a project encouraging critical writing and theatre analysis for our Advanced Students who were given the opportunity to attend and review performances at the 15th Prague Fringe Festival. PYT provides schools liaison services for the Fringe, offering information, reservation services and discounts for local school pupils and their teachers. More info on the Fringe website here.

The fringe is a goldmine of one man shows, each one better than the next. Richard Burns is a wonderful comedy where the actor is in character even before you enter the theatre, until after you exit. He plays so many different characters and the way he distinguishes each character from the other is really amazing. He’s a paralympics gold medalist, he’s a sports interviewer, he’s Lolita the burlesque dancer, and sometimes he is just a man who is telling the story.

Richard Burns is a sports interviewer who is going to get on a plane to see Fred Andrews, a Paralympic gold medalist, but Richard’s friend Tess warns him not to go, while Lolita asks him to stay and watch her show. Bailey Snyman brings these characters to life in a story that, as you’re told from the very beginning, the teller doesn’t know the ending to. Neither Fred Andrews or Richard Burns ever actually meet, but their stories are linked because, as the storyteller says, both of their stories have no end. Ironically this play does have an end, but you’ll wish it didn’t. The characters are so compelling and the story is so intriguing when the play is done, you’ll want to watch it again.